RNG Technology keeps you up and running no matter what.

As a technology company with over 100 years of combined experience specializing entirely in the management and protection of enterprise data, we provide enterprise-grade continuity, security, and IT resilience services ranging from managed backup services to our leading business continuity solutions, all of which are available to organizations of all sizes.

The ability to recover your corporate data when needed, at minimal cost and without disrupting business, requires proper planning, advanced expertise, and constant monitoring. It's not just technology that ensures reliable and cost-effective backup, it's the secure and sustainable service being offered.

We are a technology company that is always different, open to innovations, pushes the limits for this purpose, and knows no boundaries in terms of data protection and management.

We perform recovery jobs and tests every day. In addition, we run 100's of different infrastructure, application and industry-based application guides for our customers.

Our job is to work with worst-case scenarios, so we know how to keep our cool even in the most severe outages.


As part of our cloud-based DR project, RNG Technology provided 100% private storage for our business!

When it comes to storing our financial data in the cloud environment, two issues were indispensable for us. The first was the ability to provide top-notch data security, and the second was predictable performance.

Yasin Çarkcı


We can now protect our hundreds of virtual servers much more reliably and efficiently. 

When it comes to aforementioned 100s of virtual servers, with 200TB data size, which need to be protected both on- and off-premises, technology and efficiency play a very important role. Apart from these, we were on the lookout for technologies that could protect against modern threats and have modern and advanced features such as copy management for testing and development. 

Suat Uğurlu

System Infrastructure and
Head of IT Security 

We have realized our need for uninterrupted protection and rapid recovery against ever-changing threats. 

We wanted to make our business more resilient, reliable, and most importantly, able to provide the fastest recovery in case of disaster against the ever-changing types of threats today. That's why we needed the right technologies and the right setup. RNG Technology provided us everything we needed. 

Bilge Tuncay

DC Group Leader 

Our emergency Disaster Recovery project has never been easier and more reliable. 

We have been effectively protecting our crucial servers in RNG Technology's data centers located within the borders of Turkey, continuously with ZERO data loss, for short and long term, without requiring any upfront investment. We can do one-on-one testing at any time without affecting live systems, and we pay based on usage. Everything is very transparent and clear.

Selim Kara

IT System Manager 

Our emergency rescue needs are now much more flexible and reliable 

We were working with a leading global service provider before, but we were only able to implement a part of the emergency recovery structure we needed. Together with RNG Technology, we’ve been able to protect our servers continuously with zero data loss. Now we can perform partial or complete tests of our servers at any time without affecting live systems. 

Gökhan Korucu

IT Manager 


Tam Finans

RNG Technology provided all the requirements we needed for our cloud-based DR project through ready-to-use Tier 3+ data centers located within the borders of Turkey, without the need for any upfront investment. They perfectly provided our business with 100% private storage service, exclusively through VPSA (Virtual Private Storage Array) technology. In addition, advanced network connection options and being 100% solution oriented all made it easier for us to choose to go forward with them. 



To fully meet our needs, RNG Technology recommended IBM Spectrum Protect Plus technology. The demos they perform in our own facilities, their solution-oriented competencies, 24/7 uninterrupted professional support services and their cost-effectiveness compared to other solutions played an important role in our decision making to choose them over others service providers.


BMC Otomotiv

RNG Technology has repeatedly proven to us that technology is not the only thing that matters when it comes to continuous data protection and cyber recovery. The level of service they offer, and their deep knowledge/know-how of the product capabilities/solution features were the most important factors that really impressed us regarding the services they provided. 


Fiba Group

Under one roof, RNG Technology has provided us with a 360-degree solution for our emergency disaster recovery project. Their extensive experience and their 100% solution-oriented 24/7 around-the-clock managed services are the reason why we chose them over the 4 leading Turkish and global companies. 



RNG Technology has been the only company that has met our needed emergency recovery structure with 100%. We have been the reason for preference with their competence in technologies, boutique services they offer and point-to-point solutions. 


Continuous Data Protection Backup

We have provided continuous data protection with ZERO data loss on- and off-premises without affecting the performance of live systems. 

0 RPOs? Sounds implausible/Sounds too farfetched/That’s a big claim! 

Duplicating database servers with daily 4TB exchanges over 100Mbps WAN line with 0 RPO? 
It was tough but we got through! / we did it! 

Protecting against “Organized Jobs” 

With our read-only/write-protected storage services, we have ensured that the short and long-term data of the businesses are strictly protected against organized threats. 

“Custom Corporate” storage 

To achieve that highly sought-after premium-level data security and consistency of performance, we have always offered 100% enterprise-specific storage. 

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