Target Data Centers


Azure is a Microsoft-managed global network of data centers that contain a collection of integrated cloud services.

Azure is supported in all countries by Microsoft's investments in global data center infrastructure, which supports 17 languages and 24 currencies in 140 countries.

It has been providing award-winning cloud services for over ten years, including hosting production systems, providing backup and/or disaster recovery services. RNG Technology creates, builds, and manages your Azure cloud infrastructure and continuity.

Why use Azure?

You already know how to manage Microsoft products; now it's time to migrate to the cloud to benefit from increased flexibility, resilience, and lower administrative costs.

Make use of advances in AI and analytics to give your apps a human-like intelligence. Create user-interactive bots and use advanced analytical tools to make better and faster predictions.

Azure's cost management system optimizes and tracks your spending to ensure that you only pay for what you need.

Azure for Production Systems

For your application-specific needs, we design and build a custom architecture. We make sure that your resources' performance, stability, and consumption are always optimal.

We manage and support you so you can benefit from Azure's flexibility and scalability without adding to your already busy workload. Our technical team provides round-the-clock monitoring and support, as well as proactive incident resolution and comprehensive reporting.

Azure for IT Continuity

We collaborate with you to learn how your company operates using technology. Then we create a customized recovery plan for you.

Your workflow or daily operations will not be affected in any way during the design and realization of the solution.

How we do it:

  • Installation of Backup and/or Replication software
  • Establishment of follow-up and monitoring policies
  • Optimization and improvement operations
  • Restoration or failover tests (Restore/Failover)
  • Managing the ongoing backup and/or replication process to ensure Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) are met, notifying your team, and responding as needed.

We're always there when you need us, whether it's to recover a single server or to restore your entire environment.