IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

Spectrum Protect Plus was added to IBM’s storage product line in 2017. This new product is a cutting-edge data security solution built on 40 years of expertise.

Spectrum Protect Plus enables you to protect data on-premises, in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, as well as quickly recover and archive minor and major events. The best part is that it makes the entire process a very easy one.

Why use Spectrum Protect Plus?

Spectrum Protect Plus simplifies and turns the modern data protection needs of businesses into extremely reliable, and agile operations.

The following are the main advantages of Spectrum Protect Plus for your company:

  • Spectrum Protect Plus provides SLA-based protection for physical, virtual, and cloud servers, applications, microservices (Kubernetes, OpenShift), and files.
  • Spectrum Protect Plus allows businesses to use data for testing and development without having to worry about backups, recovery, replication, disaster recovery, instant recovery (file, server, application), archiving, copying to tape or object storage, or restoring backup data (data reuse feature).
  • Due to powerful data compression and deduplication techniques, Spectrum Protect Plus enables large amounts of data to be stored in smaller areas without the need for a separate solution. This benefit simplifies cloud-connected backup operations and protects businesses against major and modern threats.
  • Data protection based on service level agreements (SLAs) makes backups a breeze. Each SLA can have backup, replication, patchwork, and archiving tasks defined.

How does the deployment of SPP process work?

We completely take care of the deployment and management processes. IBM SPP is an all-in-one, simple, easy to implement, easy to use, modern data protection solution.

RNG Technology set out to provide businesses with a solution package that requires no upfront investment, can be implemented at any scale, and, most importantly, can be implemented in one working day. A good and dependable data protection solution resembles a chain of several links. Each link is so important on its own that if one is broken, the entire chain is broken. As a result, through the ESA (Embedded Solution Agreement) agreement, RNG Technology has established a strong partnership with IBM. RNG Technology has constantly aimed to provide all links of an enterprise's data protection chain through a single platform by completing the ESA agreement with IBM.

We were able to add Spectrum Protect Plus, IBM's modern data protection solution, to this chain because of this partnership. RNG Technology meets businesses' 360° modern data protection needs with maximum efficiency and reliability by providing a fully optimized service. It supports this with high-tech, advanced data management services, an expert team, and other products that make up the chain's rings. This service can be used in hybrid and/or direct cloud environments, as well as within the companies' own facilities.

Check out the following link for more information on the RNG Technology and IBM ESA agreement: